Outer Hebrides Wildife
Outer Hebrides Wildife

Hebridensis - A Reincarnation

An archipelago of 120 islands, the Outer Hebrides lie some 30 miles off the northwest coast of Scotland and are renowned for their stunning landscapes and wildlife. This is an ancient land, shaped by the North Atlantic oceanic climate, transformed by the hand of man and haunted by his history.

The Hebridensis project, which began in 2009, aimed to showcase some of the less well known species which are found in the islands. The lack of information about some of the wildlife communities soon became apparent and within three years Outer Hebrides Biological Recording had been formed to begin to remedy this situation.

The Hebridensis website has now been given the new role to serve as a portal to the Outer Hebrides wildlife website hub.


Hebridensis - A Natural Heritage Legacy

Our natural heritage has been shaped by the intricate relationship between man and his environment its future depends on our ability to understand and value the complex nature of a network of fragile ecosystems which constitute our islands.

The information made available in the wildlife websites hub and through the NBN Atlas Scotland are a resource which is largely based on the work of amateur naturalists. They have a practical function, but they may inspire the local community and visitors to enjoy and value the natural heritage of the islands.